09 NATURAL HONEY | Forest Honey | നാടന്‍ തേന്‍ | 500 GM


NATURAL HONEY | നാടന്‍ തേന്‍ | 500 GM

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• The Munnarwala’s forest honey is legitimately obtained from the peripheral and
ancestral ranchers of kannampady, Idukki District.
• The honey is cleanly handled at Munnarwala’s honey preparing unit.
• Crystallization is a sign of bona fide crude honey. The proportion of characteristic
sugars, essentially glucose and fructose present in crude honey decides when and
whether that honey will solidify, liquify or stay in a semi-strong colloidal state.
• Our honey is liberated from hints of anti-microbials. We just arrangement in wild
and boutique honey assortments where the honey bees are neither treated with
anti-toxins nor forcibly fed sugar syrup.
• Our honey is packaged directly from the reaped colony subsequent to being
stressed through a wide sifter. Since the entirety of our honey assortments are
negligibly handled, these may contain hints of honey bee dust and hive wax
garbage in little amounts.
• We trust in getting our honey from the colony straight into the jug with
insignificant preparing in the middle. We neither warmth treat nor homogenize
our honey.
• Crystallized crude honey can be devoured with no guarantees or the restrain itself
can be warmed in a Bain Marie to liquify the substance. Nonetheless, we
emphatically suggest building up a nuanced sense of taste and appreciating
solidified honey as is with no warmth treatment.
• Buying Munnarwala’s forest honey will contribute to the sustainable development of
marginal and tribal farmers.

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